What Should I Get My Kid This Christmas?

If we as parents look back on our childhood and try to call back some memorable memories related to Christmas gifts, I doubt there will be a memory about a gift that has a strong memory. You might remember your first baseball bat or the special toys that your grandparents never fail to buy you every Christmas.

The gift doesn’t need to be the Sylvanian family tree house or even a kids backpack online ordered because what is truly important is the memories that you give your kid. If I told you to think back on your childhood memory and ask you the following questions. Did your parent give you hope? Did your parent give you that sense of feeling that they will always be there for you? If your answer is yes, then that is what I believe that you should be giving your kid this Christmas as well. Visit this link http://www.bubsandbeans.com.au/productDetail/Activity-Play-Toys/Toys/Sylvanian-Families/Shops-Houses/Item/Tree-House-by-Sylvanian-Families/21027 for more details on Sylvanian Families Treehouse.

You should give your kid courage. Courage can go a long way. The courage to build new paths and to pursue those paths. The courage to speak the truth even when everyone else isn’t and to not follow the crowd.

A sense of humor! You do not want to be a boring parent. Smile and laugh often. Give hugs and kisses, you need to take the initiative and give them handshakes and congratulation wishes every time your kid wins a match. I remember not what my parent gave me for winning first place but I remember them congratulating them by hugging me. It is the small things that you remember.

Give your kids hope. There will be times when your kid is going through hard times sorting problems. They will fall back to you for hope knowingly or unknowingly. Give them that hope that things will get better and in times of great difficulty keep moving forward. They will never forget you.

Have meals together – they provide an opportunity of reaching unmatched heights of relationships like you never had. Maybe you always had dinner together every day, if so why not go out for a family dinner once in a while?

Give your kids the room to make mistakes. It is only through mistakes that anyone ever learns. Let them fall, but make sure you are there to help them get back up so that one day if they fall again they won’t be lost on how to get back up on their feet and let them know that you will always be there for them through thick and thin.